Touted to be the most powerful woman centric movie of our times, the first trailor of MARY KOM is here!! Magnificient, real and evoking to say the least, this trailor will surely blow you out of your minds. Do watch and express your opinion!!   +10
BANG BANG !! Official Teaser
Check out the official teaser of the most awaited movie BANG BANG! The Bullets will fly on 2nd October. What is your opinion on the teaser?? express in the boxes below!! +20
Mary Kom – First look
Powerful and enigmatic!! Looks like it is going to be a monstrous performanace by Priyanka Chopra and coming from Bhansali Productions, the movie can sure work wonders for the lady! Will wait for its release on 5th September.   What is your opinion of the mega poster?? express in the boxes below!! +10
Schadenfreude ,its a word I came across recently  ,Wikipedia describes it as It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune .It is a primary emotion that every human being possesses.   This made me think , if all humans really do have such feelings isn’t humanity a Read more
Why geeks are the new sexy
Disclaimer:   I don’t want to offend anyone with the usage of the word geek. I am going to use the word often in this write up and please forgodsake I won’t be generalizing any particular set of people. So don’t go all fuck crazy as the Sharapova-Tendulkar row, which was seriously a total disgrace. Read more
Discovering Bangalore…
After a hectic, toe-torturing session at Mg road, Commercial street and Brigade road, our Saturday shopping spree had come to a fruitful end. We then decided to take a leisurely walk to a café, through the Magrath Road(just behind Garuda Mall). This is when a little store, with all its vibrant colors caught my attention. Read more
3 stand out performances in the WC so far!
At the outset, I must admit I haven’t followed this WC as much owing to my hectic schedule and the technical glitches! (Yeah am doing an MBA now and also the Wi-Fi here isn’t great :/) But then having watched a few and followed the reviews of the games, I felt like penning down my Read more
Big B on the idiot box again
Amitabh bachchan’s new television venture sure looks very gripping. We’ll be glued watching it, will you? Express your opinion of this upcoming televesion series in the below boxes. 00
I love to fail
Failure is the one epic moment which brings you closer to life. It is that intrinsic situation which succors one to know his self. If one doesn’t fail in life one doesn’t live his life. Failure starts with an abase feeling which can be channeled the way one wants it. It comes with a baggage Read more
My Favorite Mind **** Movies
There are movies which leave you with a tear in your eye, a cold sweat or a smile on your face. Then there are those which leave you with a WTF look on your face, as you scramble to watch the movie again to figure out what you just saw. I have seen a few movies in Read more
Game of Thrones Vs L.O.T.R .Which one is better???#!
When I was a teenager The Lord of the Rings was the most epic fantasy ever to have been made into a movie. It had an immensely detailed story, complex characters , enchanting supernatural elements and a soul which believed that good will always triumphs over evil, no matter how the odds are stacked. Making Read more
Captain Phillips – A heart pounding thriller – Do Not Miss
I have just completed the Movie – Captain Phillips and I am simply and truly overwhelmed in the truest meaning of the word. There are very few times when upon seeing a movie, I am cent percent sure about recommending it to others given the variety of audiences there are. But after seeing this one Read more
Daydreamer !
People say its bad to be a daydreamer,People say it is bad to dream about things which you know you can probably never achieve ,But I ask you is it really so bad ?   What is the ultimate motive behind anything and everything you do in your life .Spare a moment and think about Read more
Rita Vrataski – The Angel of Verdun
Coming out of the theatre yesterday after watching Edge of tomorrow, two things happened, it  started pouring here in Mumbai, the first rains of the season and for the first time in a Tom Cruise movie, Tom’s character was not my favorite one . Yup in Edge of tomorrow  Rita Vrataski was my favorite character. Read more
Alieware 18 -Review
For every computer game aficionado or for that matter any computer geek ,Alienware is something of an absolute Mecca.Although I am not fond of laptops (The mouse and the touchpad can never really feel the same) .It still brings me great pleasure to see such beasts of equipment .So here is a review for  Alienware Read more
The Society at large – Treading Backwards
21st May 2014- Police in Iran have arrested six young people for posting a video online of them dancing to Pharrell Williams’s hit song “Happy.” The young men and women were shown on state television as a public warning to youth in the Islamic Republic, showing how far Tehran will go to halt what it Read more
It’s Money that’s matters
“Money Money everywhere, not a single penny to save”. Life is all about money, isn’t it? People have perseverance because of this nugget. Life is short and challenges are big to earn these dollops. Money has different definitions and it varies from person to person. For an affluent it’s merely a ticket to get all Read more
To use another person’s body and completely ignore the soul that resides within it to simply fulfill one’s personal selfish desires is nothing less than being a traitor to their own nation. Unfortunately in India, this is the truth.   Proceeding to talk about the Badaun rape case in Uttar Pradesh where in two girls Read more
Home is Where the Dog is
As the proud “parent” of a canine, going away on a trip isn’t as easy as it used to be prior to parenthood. Having a dog means you have to find someone to take care of your “baby” while you’re away. Most people rely on kennels to care for their beloved pets while they’re away. Read more
Time that was special – Those hostel days
Skimming through the internet I came across this article by Marina Keegan. This was her final essay because unfortunately she died in a car accident five days after writing this.   Here’s the opening of the article  “The opposite of loneliness”:   “We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we Read more
The Dream Machine
 Ever heard of the saying Deus Ex Machina ? Its Latin, and can be literally translated to “God out of the machine”. Its a plot device used by writers to solve a seemingly impossible situation. Well this might not be myth after all. Scientists are working on a machine that may do just that, i.e. Read more