4k – Ultra HD

There recently has been a uproar about these two characters ‘4k’. Guess a few bells would ring, but for those of with a muddled expression on your face, 4K stands for ‘4000’ and well not just a simple 4000. 4000 stands for the new Titans in display quality and pixel density.

You must have heard about how 1080 pixel videos are the shizz, well with 4K you have the double of that, which means 3840 * 2160 pixels. Yes, i know, those numbers literally blow my mind. There will be those trolls and haters who will say whats the big difference, since the human eye is only cable of so much, but i’ll bet my bottom dollar, you pick up any random person, and tell him/her to pick out which display is a 1080p and which is a 4k, and they will be able to. Thats what is so amazing about these things. I love pixels, and the more there are, the better it is.

Ofcourse the sunlight creates a shadow, and in this case the 4k displays are to start at estimatd to be crazy expensive. Also, if you are a gamer like me and are thinking of going for a 4K display eventually, think again, the latest are really heavy in graphic detail, and the latest and best cards have a hard time supporting these on 1080p displays. If the same games a run on a 4k display, expect your PC/Laptop to melt, or your card giving up due to the abuse it has to go through.

So yes, 4k displays are the next big thing, its upto to the manufacturers to try and create a display which is at a resonable price rate for the customer, and the guys in NVIDIA/AMD will have to come up with better cards which will be able to support these massive displays. Till then…….we wait.

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