Artcile 377

A famous saying goes “ LOVE and BE LOVED.”

But hey, don’t get too swayed away. In today’s date you need to be extra careful before you love someone. You need to analyze and scrutinize before you LET yourself fall in love or else you might land up in jail for that matter. It is no longer “love happens” scenario but more of a “love is a crime” according to the recent Indian Supreme Court orders.

Hi Everyone. I am sure most of you know the story behind Article 377. For those to whom its new, let me clarify a little.

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code dating back to 1861, introduced during the British Rule in India criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”, arguably including homosexual acts.” (Wikipedia)

In lay man language, Under the article 377 the Supreme Court of India has made Gay and Lesbian “relationships” a crime punishable by law.

Reading the Wikipedia definition makes me ask a question: Did India really become free after 1947? And what is more ironical is the fact that gay and lesbian marriages are legal in Britain itself and we are here following rules of the 19th Century! C’mon get real!! Instead of dealing with much more important issues like National development, women safety, employment and education we are here digging into the personal lives of people? WoW!! Seems we are on the right track on becoming the Superpower in some years.

When we are born in this world, our parents teach us values like honesty, courage and respect for each. We grow up learning more values and exercising them. Each and everyone in the world have the right to love whomever they wish to. What is so “unnatural” about that? When both the people are happy to be with each other then why is it made a “crime”? “Jab miya-biwi hai razi, why is there a talking quazi” (When the husband-wife has agreed, then why is the priest talking against the marriage). Why can’t we just accept each other the way they are and get on with our lives?

Voice your opinion and do the right thing!

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