Captain Phillips – A heart pounding thriller

I have just completed the Movie – Captain Phillips and I am simply and truly overwhelmed in the truest meaning of the word. There are very few times when upon seeing a movie, I am cent percent sure about recommending it to others given the variety of audiences there are. But after seeing this one I am absolutely sure that I want all you readers to watch this. The absolute story, the technique, the experience and the performances will leave you spell bound.

The story is based on an real incident that took place in 2009 – It’s about Captain Phillips (played by Tom Hanks) who leads an American Cargo ship. The Ship sets sail and on its way, is hijacked by Somali pirates who take over the ship and want monetary compensation. Captain Phillips is sharp in his negotiations and he very cunningly drives the pirates out of his ship. Amidst the various rounds of negations and the mess around it, he lands up in a circumstance where he himself is taken hostage by the pirates who now want to be compensated for him. The movie at this point takes the audience to different experience altogether. The trust betrayal relationship between the head of the pirates and Captain Phillips is the high note here. The human emotions are captured brilliantly at this point in the movie. You’ll surely feel the agony Captain Phillips goes through (Its Tom Hanks playing this, so I am safe in saying this). It is gripping to see what the movie ends in and I am in no way going to spoil that experience for you.

The movie grows on you. It only gets more interesting by the end and the pre climax is its USP. The screenplay is very strong – I was actually biting my nails towards the end. The performances now – Tom Hanks is top notch (which actually goes without saying) and Barkhad Abdi playing the head of the Somali Pirates clan (who was nominated in the supporting actor category at both the Oscars and the Golden Globes) brings life to the movie.

No wonder the movie is nominated in so many Oscar categories. I am feeling sorry for myself for missing out this one on the big screen but also happy that I finally saw it. Do not and I repeat DO NOT miss this one. Sheer cinematic brilliance- this Thriller is sure to move you!

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