Do I need to write what YOU like?

We being the commoners have surmised our life as we used to have during our schools and college days. At that point of time we weren’t bound with laws. What had happened at that time if you had used derogatory remarks to your fellow mate or had done some mischief with college notice board, you would had ended up in a clash or temporary suspension. The moment you are out of your foundation, people expect you to be a civilized citizen who is sensible enough in regards to the society and should comply with the laws and acquiescence. Many from our generation consider it abhorrent. Our constitution was made in 1950 with a vision to cover up all future generations with possible amendments. Don’t you think it needs modifications?

I am back with a wringer to the society. Well I, being an independent citizen of independent India, have been privileged with some fundamental Rights. Here I would like to focus on the right to freedom of speech and expression under Article 19 of Indian Constitution. It states “every citizen has the right to express his views, opinions, belief and convictions freely by word of mouth, writing, printing, picturing or in any other manner”. Now most of the people know that they can speak and write whatever they want. Most of us don’t know the law affixed to this clause. This article gives you freedom but also asks you to be complaint with certain regulations. It says “The state can impose reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the freedom of speech and expression on the grounds of sovereignty and integrity of India, security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, contempt of court, defamation, and incitement to an offence”.

Social media has transposed the way of communication to a large extent. Now people are more conscious and circumspect about the daily happenings. Anybody can post anything they like irrespective of the fact that it might annoy or enrage someone. It’s admissible to put a post until it indulges you to a controversy. Recent activities have raised questions on freedom of speech. People have been arrested for their social media posts. Now people who are ignorant of the underlying laws may curse the enforcer. People have their point of views but they should be careful about their sharing on social media or in any other means as this may contravene the code of conduct.

We often see people posting some babble and feckless stuffs on social media. Now who am I to judge on the concernment and implication of that post? If you not liking something then you are free to skip until its specific to you. And when people start criticizing, we think, we should write what everybody likes. I am not urging to stop analyzing and stop participation in discussions on social media but my point is one should be careful enough while posting. It may indulge you into a chaos. Commenting on political figures or any other personality on an open web media is permissible to some extent and until its causing defamation. Feel free to write and share your points on social podium but with a sense of intelligence and not with foolish emotions. We all are free in a protected sense and the laws too have been made to protect this negligence.

What do you think about this available freedom? Do you think yet another amendment is required in the constitution. Please share your valuable opinions as every opinion counts.

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