IPL – RCB loosing again

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the RCB fans and for me in particular!! Being a Bangalorean, I am a passionate RCB follower like most of the others and every time
the team loses (which is quite often these days) my colleagues at office are waiting to pounce on me the next day! Firstly, the auctions were a big disaster. After a
domestic season dominated by Karnataka, it was disappointing to see Mallya not pick up any local talent. That is pardonable considering Mallya’s not-so-good cricketing
acumen. But then he picks up Dinda. I mean of all the bowlers around he had to pick this guy! Reminds me of Geoffrey Boycott’s lines- My Granny can play better. And
then the 14 Crore spending on Yuvraj. With all due respect to him, I think this guy is well past his prime and isn’t worth the money. The retention of Harshal Patel hasn’t
proven to be a wise decision either. Also, I know Virat is a Delhi guy and the MC’s and BC’s are quite common. But I feel that he should keep his temper under control and
stay relaxed on the field. This probably would help his batting as well.
What is worrying the most is that RCB’s batting which has been its strength in the past editions has fallen flat totally. It is frustrating to see the way the team is 3-4
wickets within the first 6 overs. Chris Gayle, who was the destructor in chief for the RCB hasn’t been performing either and to add insult to injury he is out of the rest of IPL.
Only AB De Villiers seems to be performing till now and the dearth of good Indian batsmen is clearly seen. Parthiv Patel looked good in the beginning but then has faded
off. The only bright spot amidst all this is the leg spin of Chahal. This kid has made the most of the opportunities he has gotten. Not only has he been economical, he has
picked crucial wickets. While Aaron has bowled with pace, I will be happy if he bowls with a bit of brains as well 😛
Ok I think I have criticized enough now. Like the old cliché goes I am sure We will bounce back. Maybe by the time you read this piece RCB would’ve notched up a couple
of victories or they might be in deeper trouble. Either ways, I am an RCB fan for life and am confident that it is just a matter of time before we start entertaining the crowd
like earlier! Go Aaaaaaarrr Ceeeeeee Beeeeeeeee

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