Real Madrid

While everyone is applauding the efforts of Real Madrid and their “La Decima” achievement, I am still gutted that Atletico narrowly missed out on winning the Champions
league. Can’t get that Sergio Ramos header out of my mind. A f*****g Centre-half of all the people had to score in the last minute!
Atletico may have lost the finals but for me they are the champions of Europe this year. If we look at it, the final was like the story of David and Goliath. A mighty giant
taking on a midget!! Real is a big club with arguably the best record in Europe, managed by one of the most successful managers and having the world’s best footballers
up their sleeve. On the other side we have Atletico. A club with absolutely NO big players, being managed by a young manager and with little experience of playing at the
big stage! Yet, they managed to give Real a run for their money.
What they have achieved is an example of what team work coupled with an efficient manager can do. The fact that they beat Real and Barcelona to win the Spanish
league only re-iterates that money and big names are not necessary to win trophies. Hard-work and grit can work wonders! It’s been a great journey for this team and I only
hope that the richer clubs don’t rob this team off their talent pool and we get to see an improved Atletico next season. AupaAtleti J

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